Calisthenics, the art of using your own body weight for resistance training, has had a surge in popularity in recent years. Due to the ease of starting, many people choose calisthenics as the starting point of their fitness journey. Everyone starts somewhere, and that includes the calisthenics influencers we will be mentioning in this list. In no particular order, here are some of the most inspirational calisthenics influencers you can follow to help you stay motivated and get new workout ideas.

Calisthenics Influencer: Chris Heria

Chris Heria is a calisthenics athlete known worldwide. He is one of the most successful calisthenics influencers with over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and the founder of ThenX.

His street workout videos, showcasing his prowess in outdoor settings, have played a significant role in popularizing calisthenics and demonstrating that effective training can be achieved with minimal equipment. Heria’s personal fitness journey, coupled with his transparent approach, serves as an inspiration for individuals embarking on their own transformative paths. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, Chris Heria remains a notable figure, contributing to the global fitness community through his dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial ventures. His main content is often a mix of workouts and challenge-style videos.

Calisthenics Influencer: Daniel Vadnal

Daniel Vadnal is a prominent figure in the fitness community, renowned for his YouTube channel “FitnessFAQs.” Specializing in calisthenics and bodyweight training, Vadnal’s content is educational, offering detailed tutorials and workouts with a focus on proper form and injury prevention. As the founder of FitnessFAQs, he also provides personalized online coaching services, embodying a philosophy that emphasizes balanced strength training, mobility, and foundational movements.

Vadnal’s approach stands out for its commitment to evidence-based information, making complex exercises accessible for individuals at various fitness levels. Engaging actively with his audience, he fosters a supportive online community and contributes to the ongoing dialogue in the fitness world. For the latest updates and accurate information, it is advisable to check his official social media profiles and website.

Calisthenics Influencer: Osvaldo Lugones

Osvaldo Lugones is a notable calisthenics athlete and trainer known for his inspiring workouts and impressive skills. Hailing from Argentina, Lugones has gained recognition through his captivating street workout performances, showcasing strength, agility, and creativity in bodyweight exercises. Active on both Instagram and YouTube, his content not only highlights his personal fitness journey but also provides valuable insights and motivation for individuals seeking to explore the world of calisthenics. As an influential figure in the fitness community, Lugones continues to share his expertise and passion for bodyweight training, making a positive impact on aspiring calisthenics enthusiasts worldwide. For the latest updates on Osvaldo Lugones, it’s recommended to check his official social media profiles.

Calisthenics Influencer: Daniel Flefil

Daniel Flefil is a calisthenics influencer with many tutorials for how to perform dynamic movements. You can also find him as an announcer, guest, or judge at many high-end calisthenics competitions. Flefil is a great calisthenics influencer for those looking to learn intermediate and advanced skills.

Calisthenics Influencer: Hannibal For King

Hannibal For King, also known as Mike John, is a renowned figure in the calisthenics and street workout community. Originating from the Bronx, New York, Hannibal gained widespread recognition for his exceptional strength and dynamic street workouts. His mesmerizing performances often include gravity-defying moves like muscle-ups, planches, and human flags, showcasing his prowess in bodyweight exercises. Hannibal’s influence extends through his popular social media channels, particularly Instagram and YouTube, where he shares not only his jaw-dropping workouts but also motivational content, encouraging others to push their physical limits.

What sets Hannibal For King apart is his role as a street workout pioneer, inspiring a generation of fitness enthusiasts to embrace calisthenics as a powerful form of exercise that requires minimal equipment. His impact on the street workout culture has left an enduring mark, and his dedication to demonstrating the possibilities of bodyweight training continues to resonate with aspiring calisthenics practitioners globally.

Calisthenics Influencer: Austin Dunham

Dunham has established a significant presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he shares his journey in calisthenics and offers workout routines suitable for various fitness levels. Hailing from the United States, Austin Dunham’s approachable style and effective training techniques have garnered him a substantial following.

Dunham’s content often features tutorials, challenges, and vlogs that document his fitness progress and provide valuable insights into mastering bodyweight exercises. His dedication to calisthenics, combined with a focus on achieving well-rounded athleticism, resonates with viewers seeking practical and motivating guidance in their fitness journeys.

Calisthenics Influencer: Ian Barseagle

Ian is well known for his mastery over the muscle up. He frequently posts on YouTube Shorts and TikTok showcasing some of the cleanest muscle ups from any calisthenics influencer. He also makes long-form content explaining his diet, public workout reactions, and success in arm-wrestling.

Calisthenics Influencer: Leo Wang / SaypookGuy

Another contender for calisthenics influencer with the best muscle up is Leo Wang, also known as SaypookGuy. His calisthenics motivational videos are truly inspiring and his short-form content catches the eyes of millions. If you’re looking for a calisthenics influencer that regularly posts, Leo is a great source of inspiration and motivation.

Calisthenics Influencer: Yvguo

Another calisthenics influencer that you should follow is Yvguo. Not only are his short form videos inspiring but he also makes informational tutorials on maintaining your joints, and the importance of mobility training when it comes to calisthenics. He doesn’t post as often as some of the other influencers on this list but when he does, you can expect great advice, especially in his long-form videos.

Calisthenics Influencer: Andry Strong

A calisthenics influencer known to many as the best in the world at the planche is Andry Strong. A former circus performer turned calisthenics pro, regularly posting shorts and TikToks showcasing his absolute mastery over the planche. Even among this list, there are very few who can perform the same skills as Andry.

Calisthenics Influencer: Hampton From Hybrid Calisthenics

Brother Hampton, a staple in the calisthenics community, known for his positive attitude and informative videos. No matter where you are in your calisthenics and fitness journey, Hampton’s videos are inspiring and motivational. You won’t find as many advanced skills in his content but instead, you will find great advice for all levels and content that makes you feel like you are speaking to a friend.

Calisthenics Influencer: Sondre Berg

Sondre is a calisthenics influencer from Norway who has some of the best tutorials for unlocking static skills, especially the handstand. If the handstand is a skill you want to learn, you definitely recommend checking out some of Sondre’s content.

Calisthenics Influencer: Daniels Laizāns

A legend in the sport of freestyle calisthenics, Daniels, is a name that all advanced freestyles know. He pioneered a lot of dynamic freestyle movements and has been at the top of the competition world for years. His mastery over his body weight is unbelievable. Taking his tall height into account, he is a beast beyond many others, able to do even the hardest static skills.

Calisthenics Influencer: Viktor Kamenov

Viktor has been training calisthenics for over 10 years and has some of the most notable calisthenics competition achievements. He judges the biggest competitions and is a master at the planche and maltese. His ring skills extremely advanced and he is an inspiration to many.

Calisthenics Influencer: Andrea Larosa

Larosa is an Italian national calisthenics champion with extremely impressive power when it comes to his static skills. You can find several workouts and new bodyweight exercises to try by following his YouTube channel. He has sculpted 1 of the greatest calisthenics physiques and is looked up to by many.

Calisthenics Influencer: Natalia Modzelewska

Natalia is a freestyle calisthenics champion that displays a high level of elegance in her routines. Not only does she have an impressive amount of power, she also displays a very high degree of body spatial awareness making her freestyles look extremely smooth and effortless. While many of these athletes have a long backstory of how they got to where they are at now, Natalia’s is one of the most inspiring we’ve ever seen.

Let us know what you think of these calisthenics influencers, who did we miss? If you want to learn more about calisthenics or get some premium calisthenics equipment, check out our store and blog.

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