Calisthenics Workout Planner Template

Whether you are new to calisthenics, working out, the gym, or just want to keep track of your exercises, this workout planner / tracker is a great and simple way to stay on track. We’ve included an easy to understand spreadsheet to help you keep track of the types of exercises you’ve been doing. Stay accountable for your workouts, and plan ahead so you can stay in line with hitting your fitness goals.


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To get our 18-week calisthenics workout planner, add this item plan to your cart and on checkout. On the order details screen that appears after checkout, you will see a tap for downloads. Click the name of the training plan to start your download. You will also find a link to the training plan download in your email inbox.

You can access this PDF and XLSX spreadsheet at any time and download it as often as you want!

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6 In PDF, 1 In XLSX

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